'FROZEN 3: Anna is the Queen of Fire?, Elsa\'s Girlfriend... Story Theories'

'FROZEN 3: Anna is the Queen of Fire?, Elsa\'s Girlfriend... Story Theories'
09:14 Dec 16, 2022
'In today\'s original we talk about Frozen 3 and how the story around Anna, Elsa and Olaf can continue!  It will probably take a few more years until we can finally see \"Frozen 3\" in theaters. Nevertheless, a number of theories about the plot of the third film are already circulating, even though there is no footage and no official information available. Regardless of whether it’s about a love story, reunions you could do without, or spunky surprises: the fan theories truly cover it all. In order to bridge the time until an official announcement and to fuel your anticipation a little, we have summarized the best theories for you in this video today.  00:00 Frozen 3 00:33 How Did Frozen 2 End? 01:47 Character Developments 03:11 Frozen 3: Elsa\'s Love Story 04:45 Frozen 3: The Hans Strikes Back! 05:38 Frozen 3: Wedding Time 06:25 Frozen 3: The Queen of Fire 07:26 Prequel, Sequel And Other Stories From Arendelle  © All Involved Publishers.' 

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