'Alien Covenant Sequel: RIPLEY Must Meet DAVID'

'Alien Covenant Sequel: RIPLEY Must Meet DAVID'
17:57 3d ago

'Ridley Scott Must Make Ripley Meet David in the sequel to Alien Covenant! Get 20% off + free shipping @manscaped with code FAT20 at manscaped.com/fullfatvideos #manscapedpartner With both the Last Duel and House of Gucci out this year, and Gladiator 2 on the horizon, Ridley Scott has been very busy. But I personally would love to see a third and potentially final instalment in his Alien prequel trilogy. And I think it would be cool if David lived for another 80 or so years to meet Ripley in a direct sequel to the first two movies... With the future of Alien on the big screen uncertain, I look at the troubled development of a Sigourney Weaver return, and why Ridley Scott and Micheal Fassbender\'s David could be the answer. CHAPTERS 0:00 - Ridley Scott and the Superhero Question 2:00 - Ridley Scott\'s Superhero Movies?! 4:16 - Manscaped Sponsor 5:33 - The Cancelled Alien 5 7:46 - Why Ripley should Meet David 11:00 - Prometheus vs Covenant 14:04 -Ridley Scott\'s future projects Follow me on TWITTER: @FullFatVideos - Follow me on INSTAGRAM: full_fat_videos https://www.instagram.com/full_fat_videos/ Any donation you make on PATREON helps Full Fat Videos to keep making content. Find out more at: ►https://www.patreon.com/fullfatvideos/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FullFatVideo/ All footage used in this video is for educational purposes only. #ridleyscott #alien #ripley'

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