'The Alien Movie Saga Finally Explained'

'The Alien Movie Saga Finally Explained'
12:15 May 26, 2023
'In 1979 Ridley Scott’s Alien changed the landscape of both the sci-fi and horror movie genres. It also kickstarted a media franchise that is still alive and well today. The success of the 1979 classic has spawned sequels, novels, comic books, toys, and even video games.  The film franchise has three sequels, two prequels and has even crossed over to the Predator movie franchise. Moviegoers can expect to see more of the acid-spewing aliens on the big screen.  But if you are just getting into this popular film franchise you might need some help piecing it all together. Here is a breakdown of the Alien movie saga.  #Movies #Aliens #Films  Origin stories: Prometheus | 0:00 Alien: Covenant | 2:02 Alien | 4:21 Aliens | 5:56 Alien 3 | 8:24 Alien: Resurrection | 9:37 Evolution of an alien monster | 11:11  Read Full Article: https://www.looper.com/164100/the-alien-movie-saga-finally-explained/' 

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