'5 INCREDIBLE Volcano Eruptions Caught On Camera'

'5 INCREDIBLE Volcano Eruptions Caught On Camera'
16:58 Apr 23
'5 INCREDIBLE Volcano Eruptions Caught On Camera SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/3obsVlo  ► Music Licensed From SoundStripe/Envato Elements  0:34 Sakurajima Volcano Eruption 3:10 Krakatoa Volcano Eruption 6:44 Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Eruption 10:48 Mount Etna Volcano Eruption 13:28 Mount Batu Tara Volcano Eruption  For any and all copyright matters, please email me directly at [email protected]  Unless otherwise created by Underworld, licenses have been obtained for images/footage in the video from the following sources; https://pastebin.com/myAnq1u5  Underworld is creating the best new educational videos about the lesser known stories from around the world. We post Top 5’s, Top 10’s, Caught on Camera and much more! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to never miss an upload!' 

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