Defeats of my Favorite Non Disney Animated Movie Villains part 15

Defeats of my Favorite Non Disney Animated Movie Villains part 15
05:11 Feb 10, 2021
I've been a baaaaad boy!"-Balthazar Bratt "Time has done nothing but made you weak. We have our own plans."-General Aguila "Hahahahaha! I guess you bears are good for something after all!"-Agent Trout "Tonight, your pod will bloom here. And when the pod blooms in darkness, it belongs to the darkness. It will become my little dark prince. I'll destroy the forest with the very thing you hoped would save it."-Mandrake "Dragon Master? I, ALONE, control the dragons!"-Drago Bludvist "I want you to make contracts with me and become magical girls!"-Kyuubey "...."-Agent Red "He is kind, he is good, he is gentle....AND HE'S GIVING A BAD NAME TO TROLLS EVERYWHERE!!!"-Queen Gnorga "Shh, shush, shush, shush. Good evening, ladies. Sorry to call in so late, but we did have a previous engagement. Now, we're gonna take SIX of you. Anyone makes a sound, we don't mind the extra company. Boys, take your pick."-Dag "I wanna find this guy. I wanna know everything about him. I wanna know where he lives, where he sleeps. He pops a gill, I wanna know about it: Who is the Sharkslayer?"-Don Lino "You can knock me down all you like. Destroy me, if you wish. It doesn't change a thing! When this is over, everyone out there will still think you're a criminal. And the people of Tokyo will still call me a hero!"-Uehara Daizo  Song: Survive by Rise Against 
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