'New Released Blockbuster Hindi Action full Movie Hd | Tiger Shroff | Sanjay Dutt | Jackie Shroff'

'New Released Blockbuster Hindi Action full Movie Hd | Tiger Shroff | Sanjay Dutt | Jackie Shroff'
01:53:07 Feb 11
'New Released Blockbuster Hindi Action full Movie Hd | Tiger Shroff | Sanjay Dutt | Jackie Shroff   Ranveer \"Ronnie\" Charan Chaturvedi lives with his elder brother Vikram. Ronnie has been protective towards him since childhood, especially after their father Charan Chaturvedi\'s death. Ronnie is offered a job in the police force, but refuses because he has 33 cases registered against him all for saving Vikram and convinces him to take on the job. A timid and reluctant Vikram becomes a cop. When a hostage situation arises, Vikram is assigned the job and is terrified to face the criminals, but Ronnie accompanies him, fighting off the goons and helping rescue the hostages. He does not take credit, and this process continues with Vikram getting popular among the public and his department after each case. Ronnie later falls in love with a woman named Siya, and they get their respective siblings Vikram and Ruchi married to each other. One day, Vikram is assigned to go for routine paperwork in Syria. Upon arriving, Vikram chats with Ronnie over a video call but is suddenly beaten and kidnapped by terrorist Abu Jalal Gaza\'s men who break into his hotel room, and Ronnie watches helplessly as Vikram begs for Ronnie\'s help.  Ronnie and Siya travel to Syria, where the police refuse to help them. They meet Akhtar Lahori, who helps them track Vikram and his captors. They go to Vikram\'s hotel while the cops start looking for the trio. In Vikram\'s room, Ronnie finds Vikram\'s damaged phone and escapes with Siya and Akhtar before the cops can catch them. The trio finds the attacker, resulting in a chase. The exhausted attacker agrees to help before being hit by a truck and dying. Siya retrieves the attacker\'s phone and texts a goon named IPL (Inder Paheli Lamba) to meet at a hotel. Abu Jalal Gaza, the mastermind, arrives to avenge his brother, the attacker\'s death. The main cop who supports Ronnie captures IPL while Abu Jalal escapes. Fearing betrayal from IPL since he\'s been arrested, Abu Jalal orders his men to kill him. Ronnie and the team cleverly stage a series of events that lead to Abu\'s men believing they\'ve been betrayed by IPL. They attack him, and upon being rescued by Ronnie, IPL decides to help him.' 

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