'Pyaar Ka Tarana Full Movie - A Dev Anand Directed Movie - 1993'

'Pyaar Ka Tarana Full Movie - A Dev Anand Directed Movie - 1993'
02:04:23 Jan 10, 2022
'Synopsis - Gautam, a young man goes to Copenhagen to make something out of his life. He leaves behind Chanda, a girl he loved deeply. Things change when he is asked to fake love to Pinky, an Indian girl.  Movie - Pyar Ka Taraana (The Tune Of Love) YOR - 1993   Starring - Manu Gargi, Anita Ayoob, Mink Brar & Akshay Anand Writer & Director - DEV ANAND Producers - DEV ANAND, M. Harwani Music - Raamlaxman Cinematography - Rajesh Patni  Editor - Babu Sheikh Production Company - NAVKETAN INTERNATIONAL, Sunico Productions  4.2/10 · IMDb  Movie Trivia -  • For the first time. Dev Anand did not act in this  film which he made. • Dev Anand signed music composer Raam Laxman for this film after his super hit music in Maine Pyar Kiya. This is the only film Raam Laxman with Navketan. • The whole shooting of this film was done in Denmark, except a few scenes were shot in India. • The Swedish heroine of this film, Maja Riis, reminded Dev Anand his favourite Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman. • During the shooting of this film Anita Ayoob sat on a horse and she lost balance and fall down. Dev Saab left that scene in the film. • The movie was made both in hindi and in Swedish. The Swedish version was released first and it was successful there. • The film had several topless scenes shot in Sweden .The scenes remained in the film when released onto VHS in the 1990\'s which were all edited out in the later releases.' 
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