'Ghatak Movie (1996)Best Action Scene Spoof (Sunny deol)'

'Ghatak Movie (1996)Best Action Scene Spoof (Sunny deol)'
04:09 Jul 21, 2022
'Synopsis: Katya (Danny Denzongpa), a ruthless mobster, has taken control of a town on the outskirts of Mumbai, India. After violently putting down any uprising attempts, including murdering one man who publicly opposed him, Katya is challenged by Kashi (Sunny Deol), who has brought his sick father to town in search of medical attention. Kashi is outraged by what is happening in the village and confronts the criminal, but he is not prepared for the backlash that awaits him and his father. Movie Credits: Director : Rajkumar Santoshi Producer : Rajkumar Santoshi StarCast(s) : Sunny Deol, Meenakshi Seshadri, Danny Denzongpa, Amrish Puri Music Director : R. D. Burman, Anu Malik  Ghatak Spoof Video, Ghatak fight, Sunny deol fight, sunny deol katiya fight, Ghatak, Ghatak movie fight, Ghatak movie action seen, Hindi Comedy Video, funny fight, sunny deol funny fightlease                    all my dear friends Subscribe our YouTube channel and Like  and comment kijiya' 

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